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5 Reasons Why Tech Startups Should Outsource Support

Posted by James Peterson on Tue, Aug 16, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

Technology startups today are facing enormous pressure to build value and bring products to the market FAST.  Focus is on R&D, marketing and sales with a mad scramble to build a brand and attract potential customers.  Eventually there’s a shift, your company starts to land customers and you’re ready to deliver the product.  Who’s going to support the product?  New customers want SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to support the product or service.  Who’s going take the customer calls and what time frames are you going to promise for resolution?

Will your startup scramble to build a support unit or look to experts to support the product while you continue to sell and develop your amazing product or service? 

Startups have a choice, support the product internally with existing engineers and resources (bad idea), build the support team and infrastructure internally, or hire an outsourced support entity. 


Here are the 5 reasons Tech startups should outsource support efforts.


Time is critical to startups.  Building an internal team will take multiple resources away from the focus of developing the product to build the infrastructure, hire and train support people, and implement the systems to track and remediate issues.  Utilizing an outsourced team that has the resources and tools in place will reduce the time it takes to turn up a support team.


Most tech companies are located in areas that have a high cost of living, therefore even level 1 support techs will be costly to hire.  Building an internal team requires the purchase of infrastructure (phones, computers, software, desks, real estate, etc.), hiring techs and someone to manage and train the techs.  This can be very expensive.  Do you need multiple language support, after hours support?  The cost can be exponential to build in house.  Outsourcing with the right company will give your startup low cost options like shared resources, off shore support, multiple language support, and the infrastructure built in which could save you 50% or more over an internal team.


When sales skyrocket or a large account is landed the support team may need to expand coverage hours, add languages, or quick increase head count to support the number of tickets. Scaling your support team to handle the large load can be overbearing and taxing to your engineering/development team, not to mention expensive.  Expert support teams have streamlined processes to scale quickly in all facets of support.


Most startups today have a goal to sell globally to maximize revenue and growth.  Supporting a product on a global scale is very difficult from a singular location.  Hiring staff with multi-lingual capabilities and having live 24/7 support is expensive and inefficient.  Support companies with global reach have the ability to quickly turn up the 24/7


Startups know their product the best, so most feel they can support it the best.  However, when it comes to expertise in support, many companies fail to provide great support because they are not experts in handling support issues in a timely manner or with the correct approach.  Outsourced support entities have the expertise in producing winning support teams, documenting knowledge base and building run books in order to resolve issues quickly and efficiently and escalating when needed.


When building a fast growing tech startup, outsourcing certain functions of the business can help your team of experts focus on the core business functions and development in order to grow quickly.  Tech support and customer support is a critical function of any company, and if done improperly can quickly ruin the reputation of a company, cause it to lose customers and even lead to failure.  Look to a reputable company to support your product and when done correctly can help improve functionality and improve sales.

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